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ACT II The SUD Region at the heart of the Mediterranean challenges

Open to the southern shore of the Mediterranean, inspired by its many origins, since antiquity, the SUD Region is at the heart of the future challenges of the Mediterranean area.

While act I put forward “a common commitment to climate agreements,” the second edition placed youth and innovation at the core of the debate. Against the backdrop of Méditerranée du futur, a central theme: how can we work together to create a Youth and Innovation friendly environment in the Mediterranean?

To carry out this project, Méditerranée du futur brought together High-level representatives of Mediterranean Governments, regional and local authorities, experts from local and international organisations, young entrepreneurs and representatives of academia. With a common goal: to shape the Mediterranean of tomorrow!

From innovation to entrepreneurship to development, a real change is taking place in the Mediterranean: our Youth builds the Mediterranean city of the future and innovative project developers work together through cooperation between Mediterranean players.

This action is acknowledged by the French Government: Marseille was chosen, at the end of the second act, to host and organize: The “sommet des deux rives” in June 2019.

In 2018: concluding the second act of Méditerranée du Futur, Renaud Muselier launches a Youth Parliament

Act 2 of “Mediterranean of the Future” gathered on 13 November in Marseille about 1000 people and 30 Mediterranean and European delegations. On this occasion, the President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, Renaud MUSELIER, announced the creation of a Mediterranean Youth Parliament.

This parliament will be a forum for dialogue and exchanges, it will gather every year, during the Méditerranée du Futur event, young people from all the countries with which the Region has cooperation agreements.

Renaud Muselier President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region

Méditerranée du Futur, Act II, gathered through 5 workshops on innovation and employability, young people and entrepreneurship, or the Mediterranean city of tomorrow. On this occasion, President Renaud MUSELIER announced the creation of a Mediterranean Youth Parliament. It will bring together young people from all the countries with which the Region has cooperation agreements. This Parliament will meet each year on the occasion of Méditerranée du Futur.

A specific geographical location Why in Marseille? Because it is one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean with a 2,600 years old history. It occupies a special place in France and the Mediterranean. Capital of a resolutly sea-oriented region, it is also a port city where fates are necessarily common. The SUD Region is in fact the custodian of a rich heritage of several millennia, where cities are united by cultural, geographical, historical and economic ties.

Passing on to future generations Passing on to future generations an open, welcoming and innovative mediterranean world is a significant goal. Creating a Mediterranean Youth Parliament will bring together young people from all the countries with which the South Region has cooperation agreements. Together with regional partners such as the French Development Agency, the Anna Lindh Foundation, the Union for the Mediterranean and all others, a major call for Euro-Mediterranean projects will be launched to support innovative initiatives in support of childhood. The SUD Region will also integrate the network of start-up players in the Mediterranean.

The SUD Region, the gateway to a new Mediterranean diplomacy The SUD Region has what it takes to support French diplomacy and to play its role as an outpost in the Mediterranean for an ambitious and stabilizing international policy of regional cooperation.

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