Méditerranéen du futur

ACT IV 1720-2020 : From plague to COVID, 300 years of resistance to pandemics in the mediterranean

On the strength of this Mediterranean ambition, President Renaud Muselier considered it essential, through the "Mediterranean of the future" event, to be able to bring together all of these Mediterranean partners once a year in Marseille in order to share our practices and converge our actions. around specific issues and common challenges.
This event brings together each year in Marseille the local authorities with which the Region cooperates, but also the major donors, public and private, intellectuals, NGOs and high-level political figures, around themes of common interest for the area. Mediterranean:

In 2017: Mediterranean of the future – Act 1 on the climate challenge
In 2018: Mediterranean of the future – Act 2 on youth and innovation
In 2019: Mediterranean of the future – Act 3 on investment 

This year, for its Act 4, Mediterranean of the Future, which will take place entirely in a dematerialized format, will be devoted to the theme "1720-2020: from the plague to covid-19, 300 years of resistance to pandemics in the Mediterranean".

The Covid-19 crisis has shaken up our certainties and calls for questioning. If the South Region has deployed all its efforts and all its means to mitigate the effects of this crisis on the regional territory, the reflection must develop at another level, Mediterranean or even global.

The developments in this crisis clearly demonstrate, on the one hand, that each country is affected, particularly by globalization and globalization which are generating a strong acceleration in trade and the circulation of goods and people, and, on the other hand, that it is necessary to find coordinated responses through enhanced cooperation.

It is these concerted actions that need to be defined during Act 4 of "Mediterranean of the Future", whose guest of honor will be Professor Didier Raoult, through round tables devoted, on the one hand to the lessons that the history of major pandemics can teach us and, on the other hand, to the cooperation to be developed in the Mediterranean area to face this health crisis together.

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